Alex Simon's Chair Update

The Open Master's community occasionally hosts "member spotlights" on live google hangouts on air to hear more about what our peers are studying and doing.  This is also a great method to force ourselves to do a little reflection and self-evaluation, periodically. This summer, we featured Alex Simon, Tim RannMike Durante, and Alison Jean Cole.

Alex Simon recorded a short (3 minute) summary to give you a short taste of what the longer presentations often entail:

Alex's study of chairs has involved reading, recording his own podcasts, drawing a chair a day, collecting and building chairs, experimenting with using or not using chairs, visiting chair expos, and even giving chairs as gifts. Now he hopes to launch a chair consultancy to apply what he has learned.

Alex had three pieces of advice from his first year of Open Master's study:

1) Whenever it involves other people, it works better.

2) Whenever something is actionable- e.g. if it requires a product or outcome that is very specific and is something that I have to deliver- that works better, too.

3) The most effective learning happened when I had an equally effective reflection system. Regardless of what technique I used to learn stuff, whenever reflection was baked into it, that was the most effective.