Michael Durante's Open Master's plan

my name is michael. in the haiku form you’ll learn about my Master’s.

my friends train to be lawyers, doctors, bus’nessmen. i just want to farm.

this stark revelation was pass’d to me as things pass when one lives in joy.

what’s a boy to do when elite training pulls him from those humble roots?

what’s a boy to do when success should look like thi$ then maybe like this  : )  ?

if fortune’s words glow, to jerry’s rippling fountain my path will open.

i met a woman. she told me about my gift. it was childlessness.

my life untether’d, i’ll explore the world of food, learn how to produce.

teach me with your hands. teach me with your songs, dear world. teach me to sing, too.

i’m ready to go. map in hand, caravan pack’d, the journey begins.

want to see my map? you can find it here, any time. check it, for funsies.

want to hear my tale? follow along as it’s told to me and to you.