Press Pause and Learn with the Wayfinder Kit

The Wayfinder Kit is a tool for self-guided learning developed to share the methods and spirit of the Open Master's with anyone and any community.

The Kit supports deep reflection and clear action in your learning. It’s a compact, minimalist, and personal tool to help you slow down, step back, explore your own “why”, and navigate what's next in your life.

Self-directed learners + folks in transition or just wanting to learn

  • Take radical pause, listen for what's present, and let your most meaningful questions bubble up.

  • Find focus and direction for your learning, and your life.

  • Move toward sustained action on your most important learning goals.

Grassroots organizers and educators + unschoolers and homeschoolers

  • Fuel the spirit of self-directed learning in your community.

  • Help create or strengthen a culture of peer learning and taking initiative.

  • Give yourself (or each other!) inspiration for infusing more soulful, self-directed learning into any gathering, course, or program.


Each Wayfinder Kit includes:

  • 2 Wayfinder Journals, with a “Why” side for guiding you through deeper reflection and pause, and a “How” side for guiding you into practical, emergent action.

  • A 62-card deck of cards, organized by four “seasons” of learning to help you keep up a steady rhythm of action and reflection for your learning throughout the year.

The Wayfinder Kit is my #1 go-to resource when planning group sessions or retreats, or when needing a creative spark. In general, the kit is my favorite thing to lend to friends in transition.
— Brittany Koteles, Fellowship Team at Ashoka US

Get Started Now

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Ready to get your learning started right now? Download the Wayfinder Mandala activity guide, for yourself or a group.

The Mandala is a 90-minute, meditative, personal reflection activity to help you get started on your own learning journey by first getting a bird's eye view of your learning landscape. 

Ordering Wayfinder Kits

Jesse Sleamaker having some solo Wayfinder time in Joshua Tree, New Year's Day 2016.

Jesse Sleamaker having some solo Wayfinder time in Joshua Tree, New Year's Day 2016.

Wayfinder Kits are handmade with love and attention to detail in Berkeley, California. They are high quality learning tools that also feel great in your hands, by your bedside, on the coffee table, or thrown into your pack for some time away.

Each Kit contains two journals and a 62-card deck of cards and costs $100, including tax and shipping. Order yours below!

Organizations: Contact us to request a bulk order (a dozen or more), or ask about working with us to integrate the Wayfinder Tools into your school, curriculum, or community program.

** Wayfinder Kits are back in stock! Order now! **

The History of The Wayfinder Kit


The Wayfinder Kit is a tool for supporting deep reflection and clear action in your learning — a compact but power-packed collection of methods for uncovering your own answers.



Built on a rich history of grassroots, popular education practices and thinkers from Rudolph Steiner and Septima Clark to Charles Eisenstein and Scott Sherman, the Wayfinder Kit is a foundational resource of The Open Master's, but also perfectly-suited for any self-organized education. 

First created in 2014, the Kit was our community's tool for designing a self-directed Open Master's journey and building a supportive peer community along the way. It was made as a toolset for liberating and supporting education outside of its constraints, rooted in the knowledge that learning isn't just for ages 5-22, and it doesn't only happen inside a school. 

The Kit contains 130+ tools, questions, and activities to support your learning journey and those of others, which can be remixed and reused for an array of settings, from corporate teams to your next bookclub.

The activities and methods in the Wayfinder Kit are part of a well-tested and well-loved process, refined in the Open Master's community over the last four years and picked up in other communities, from homeschooling groups, university accelerators, elder church groups, and arts + housing cooperatives, earning a steady stream of praise. 

Every Wayfinder Kit you buy goes to support our ongoing work in the world of grassroots community building.

Made by Hand, with Love