KCDC Class this Sunday

If you are thinking about joining this year's class of the Open Master's, especially if you live in Washington DC, be sure to check out our class this Sunday, September 2nd, from 2-5pm.  The class is designed as an introduction to designing a plan for self-study at the Master's level, which will be one of your first steps this year if you join this year's group in DC. Location

National Portrait Gallery atrium 8th and F Streets NW Washington, DC Neighborhood: Chinatown

What will we do?

We will share some of the common tools of the trade we have discovered for creating a DIY higher education program, and invite you to play around with them with us.  Bring your inner nerd and we'll work together to transform your hidden learning passion into a learning plan you could do go to work on right away (if you want).  To facilitate this process, we will share some of our own learning plans as examples- and those of others who have gone before us.  We'll also lend a hand to each other finding support and helpful content before we leave.

Signup in advance on Knowledge Common's DC's site.