The Firebirds, est. 2017

Our second group launched in Maryland, USA in August 2017.


Alexander Nabíl Ahdieh Kruszewski

Baha'i youth organizer, musician, linguist, scientist.


Diana Marin

Pilgrim. Catholic by heritage, mystic at heart. Exploring themes of vision, courage, and roots.


Didier Sylvain

Ph.D candidate in ethnomusicology. Lightworker and sound artist, teaching and creating medicine. 


Hadar Cohen

Jewish Queen, feminist + spiritual warrior, lover of God, dance + theory, committed to truth + justice. Exploring power through divinity.


India Pierce

Photographer, organizer, and Ph.D student. Rooted in the expansive spiritual freedom of the past, present, and future of queer divine embodiment.


Jax Gil

Soulful facilitator. Liberatory community builder. Relational culture worker. Spiritual activist. Eats arepas and talks feelings.


Meera Ghani

A Muslim feminist, mother and activist. Exploring sacred motherhood through the themes of being, bond and bearing witness.


Natalie Zerial

Human rights lawyer exploring identities through migration, motherhood, mourning.


Olivia Marlowe-Giovetti

Ways of remembering. Listening as radical hospitality. Furious art in difficult times. Life after loss.


Poppy Liu

Actress, activist, poet. Queer spirituality through divine art-making with love as a highest teacher.


Prerna Abbi-Scanlon

Exploring the impact of appropriation and exotification, and the reclamation of Hindu culture and practices for herself.


Sandra Kim

Founder of Everyday Feminism and Compassionate Activism, sharing her Buddhist journey toward social liberation. 


Tariq Al-Olaimy

Making visible the effects of the invisible. Creating compassionate communities of purpose for both Public and Planet.


Tyler Hess

Ecosystem healer serving biological community through nutrition and detoxification, body work and sacred movement.


The Hummingbirds, est. 2016

Our inaugural group launched in New Mexico in August 2016.

Adam Horowitz

Chief Instigator, U.S. Department of Arts and Culture

Alan Webb

Co-founder and steward of the Open Master’s Community. More.

Ashleigh Shepherd

Movement teacher, exploring what it means to be human through dance, yoga, and play. Student of children.

Brittany Koteles

Soulful improviser & script-flipper, dabbling filmmaker, writer, host.

Cole Parke

Tender-hearted organizer, activist, dreamer, and schemer, fighting for collective liberation and revolutionary grace.

David Bronstein

Cultural healer through music and counseling. David's Open Master's Learning Plan.

David Sievers

Exploring existential dread by way of climate activism, cycling, and dad jokes. 

Devin Karbowicz

Social psychologist turned community builder using art and play to connect strangers in novel ways.

Lily Padilla

Learner, Writer, Healer, Organizer.

Marien Baerveldt

Social entrepreneur, learner, facilitator in meaning making and way finding, gardener. More.

Mildred Williams

Carrying forward the hopes and struggles of her ancestors.

Mojdeh Rezaeipour

Artist, Writer, Storyteller. Instigator of Creative Communities. More.

Neha Misra

Artist, Poet, Social Entrepreneur connecting dots across inner and outer geographies. 

Orion Stephanie Johnstone

Composer, Sex Educator,
Queer Rights Lover-Fighter. (More)

Priya Parrotta

Writer, Singer, Lifelong Learner. More.

Riley Teahan

Designer, Director, and Producer, interested in the tactile and the ephemeral.

Ruth Moir

Community Creator, Questioner, Kindness champion, Learner, Deep Listener & Belly Laugher. 

Sarah Jane Bradley

Co-founder, creative director, and steward of the Open Master's. Plays with design, words, songs, cities.

Veena Vasista

Scribe, Storyteller, Bridge, Mirror. Co-Creating Love, Beauty and Play.