Sharing the Tools & Culture

After three years of building learning communities that have designed their own ways of supporting each other's growth, from scratch, we have developed a unique culture and set of tools to help others do the same.

We want to work with you. It's our mission to help learners of all ages:

  • Rejuvenate their natural creativity, agency, and impulse toward community building, and find the spark of learning within themselves.
  • Rediscover their inner compass, and become peer mentors to each other.
  • Take initiative to learn and grow in the ways that are most important to them, and learn to give themselves the time and space to do it.
  • Uncover their unique gifts they have to share with each other in community.

Talk to us about working within your community, organization, or school.


Ways to Work Together

We would love to learn and grow together with you. Here are some of the ways we can do that.

Know that by working with the Open Master's, you are fueling a grassroots learning experiment and movement, and helping to keep our community accessible and affordable to many others.


Wayfinder Kits + Workshops

We offer interactive learning tools and resources for self-guided learning and reflection, peer discussion, and group activities or projects. 

Teachers, program directors, and community managers have used the kit as a library of inspiration for their students and community members, one stocked with fresh ideas, questions, and challenges.

We offer our partners wholesale orders paired with customized workshops, ranging from two-hour lunch-and-learns to weekend retreats. Some of our favorite workshops include:

As a full-time facilitator, the Wayfinder Kit is like a getting a new set of super powers. The cards and journal reflect the great depth and practice of The Open Master’s team and challenge me to be more reflective in my own work. This toolkit takes it’s place among my favorite tools from Standford’s d.School.
— Spencer Ingram, Director of Entrepreneurship Programs, Verb, Austin, Texas

Program + Curriculum Design

Offering custom program design and consulting, we draw from our library of tools, resources, activities, and seven years of experience to create and facilitate vibrant experiential learning and team building within contexts like retreats, conferences, and workshops.

We focus on leveraging short, highly impactful group experiences to strengthen initiative around their learning needs and move forward with their peers to create mutual accountability and support.


Speaking Engagements

We offer limited speaking engagements for events and organizations seeking perspectives on the future of grassroots, democratized education.

Over the years, we've toured the worlds of learning and social entrepreneurship in the United States and Europe, visiting and speaking at universities, intentional communities, and grassroots hubs of DIY education. We do not have canned speeches; every opportunity to speak is an interactive conversation.


Co-Branded Programs + Events

Want to bring us in as collaborators? We can help bring the spirit of joyful learning community alive in your event or program as creative partners. 

Ideas abound in this community, and we've designed a wide range of experiences over the years, from learning plan bootcamps, meet-up-style mixers, and art-infused urban pop-ups, to soulful weekend retreats and learning festivals.


Sponsoring Members + Projects

Help us continue to reach a wide community of creative, passionate learners and make it possible for more people to be a part of the learning revolution.

Talk to us about sponsoring an Open Master's learning laboratory on a specific theme, our ongoing storytelling work about the larger movement, a new free or affordable learning resource to support that movement, a scholarship fund for new members, or our general operating fund.


Friends and Partners

The places we've brought our original materials, workshops, and curricula:

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Sound exciting?

Great! Let's revive joyful learning with the people you care about.

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