Dear On Being Community,

For six years, the Open Master's has existed to create learning communities like Alt*Div and tools like the Wayfinder Kit. We are delighted to have On Being as a partner in spreading the methods and stories of the Open Master's with folks like you, and with the world. 

Whether you attended our "Finding your Way by Finding your Why" workshop at the On Being Gathering, or you heard about it from others, here you can find more tools to continue your learning, on your own or in your community.

Thank you to Krista and the whole On Being team for your incredible support and companionship. "It's good to be together!"


The Wayfinder Mandala

The Wayfinder Mandala is a simple, powerful tool for helping you see the larger landscape of your life and discern what is calling you in this moment. Use it to find the focus you are looking for in your own self-directed learning.

To experience the longer, full-length Wayfinder Activity, download this Setup and Facilitation Guide and the 90-minuted guided audio recording. Grab a large sheet of paper and a few crayons, pens or colored pencils. Find a moment for yourself in a quiet place and get in deeper touch with your own inner teacher. Do it on your own, with a friend, or with a community you care about.

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Setting Up the Activity 

Download the detailed guide on how to get started, whether on your own, or with a group.


Guided Audio Workshop

Download the 90-minute audio guide to walk you through the reflection (or prepare to facilitate).

(Get the full-quality file for classrooms & sound systems)


Share the Wayfinder Mandala

We have been delighted to see the Wayfinder Mandala spread far and wide. Please feel free to use it wherever life takes you next. As with most of our Creative Commons materials, we ask that you tell people where you found it. We would also love to hear stories or see photos of you in action! 

Teachers & Facilitators: when offering the Wayfinder Mandala to others, we recommend preparing for by listening through the audio recording a few times, taking notes on what resonates with you, and making it your own with your own follow-up questions or next steps.


Want More?

The Wayfinder Mandala is designed to be the start of a journey. To continue and expand with more tools, activities, and reflection prompts, order a Wayfinder Kit or learn about other ways to bring us to your community.

The 2016 Edition of the Wayfinder Kit

The 2016 Edition of the Wayfinder Kit

Facilitating a weeklong course in Piracanga, Brazil, 2017.

Facilitating a weeklong course in Piracanga, Brazil, 2017.

Join Our Wider Circle

Much of our work—from the sessions designed for the On Being Gathering to the Alt*Div Learning Community as a whole—is made possible because of the relationships built with partners over the years. 

We are grateful to be part of a global web of communities who are asking big questions about public theology and creating new pathways of learning and spiritual formation. We learn from this ecosystem everyday and hope our work contributes gifts of our own. Moreover, we know that growing our relationships—the connective tissue among people aligned in vision and values—may well be the most impactful gift we can offer. 

Walk alongside us on the journey and join our circle of partners, elders, and "co-liberators."

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