Thank you so much for your support of the Open Master's! All of our backers at the $30 level of higher are receiving this 90-minute guided reflection activity as a gift—both to say thank you for your support, and also as a powerful way to help you step into the new year with a little extra clarity and purpose.

This is a workshop we have typically only offered in many small, facilitated group settings (as well as in our own community). But it has been such a hit that we've been itching to get it out to more people.

Now, thanks to you, we are! This will be the first time we have made this activity available in this form, as a self-guided personal reflection. As one of our Indiegogo backers, you are literally the first to see and hear this.

Download your perk!

(Smaller File)

(Full Quality)

Both are the same 1hr 45min audio file in different formats, depending on your preference;
including 90 minutes of guided reflection, plus a few short instructions and stories at the beginning and end.

Goal: transform your stickiest questions—the ones about goals, purpose, or the best way to have the impact you want—from being sources of stress to being sources of inner wisdom, insight, and joy.

Instructions / Set Up Guide:


What next?

If you are also receiving a Wayfinder Kit for your contribution, this exercise will be the perfect first step for you. In fact, this activity was originally designed as a starting point for groups before diving into the kit together.

We are currently assembling the Kits and will be shipping them soon.

Meanwhile, and if this is the last thing you are receiving from us from our Indiegogo campaign, we hope this will be truly helpful to you in this moment. Check out the other things the Open Mater's is up to by poking around our website while you're here! Maybe you would be interested in joining the next Open Master's group, starting in January, or know someone else who might be? Thanks again!


Sarah & Alan