Get Your Learning Engine Going

It is important to the Open Master's community that we continually find new ways to share the richness of the learning that goes on in our community with others—not just the stories, but also the tools and methods we have discovered or created for ourselves along the way.

If you are looking for ways to bring more of a sense of community, clarity, or depth to learning in your own life or community, get started with some tools from our community.

The Wayfinder Kit

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The Wayfinder Kit is a DIY tool developed by the Open Master's for supporting deep reflection and clear action in your learning — a compact but power-packed collection of methods for knowing your own why and navigating uncertainty.

Individual Learners

Whether you are trying to decide what to get out of your time at college or deciding what richness might unfold in your retirement, the Wayfinder Kit is for you. This compact collection of tools has been developed and refined over five years of trial and error in our community, and comes in beautiful, hand-made forms designed to go with you to the woods, on a train, or in quiet moments at the beginning or end of the day. Learn more and get your own below.

Facilitators and Coaches

Facilitators and coaches love the Wayfinder Kit, have integrated them into programs, experiences, communities and relationships around the world, and continually make these tools better over time. They will be a go-to resource for sparking more your community self-directed, peer-supported learning to seek their own answers.


Our Reading List

Get yourself started with some of our community's favorites for unschooling your mind and designing a life living outside the lines.


Smaller Bites

Pippa Buchanan's DIY Master's

Pippa Buchanan's DIY Master's