Behind the Scenes

While the real work of the Open Master's is done every day by members—who are creating their own education and building learning communities where they are—a small team of us take on the responsibility of stewarding and supporting the broader community, and spreading the Open Master's process.

Alan Webb - Lead Organizer and Global Steward. Alan has been supporting self-directed learners and organizing learning communities for eight years. He helped organize the first wave of Open Master's in DC in 2012, when Alan's own Open Master's took him down the path of becoming a facilitator with a focus on design thinking, social entrepreneurship, and building transformative learning communities. Alan supports organizers in our community who want to go above and beyond their own learning to create community and experiences for others. He also works to translate the tools and experiences of the Open Master's with other communities.

Alan "facilitating" the East Coast Retreat.


Sarah Bradley - Lead Storyteller and Global Steward. Having previously worked with social change organizations like Ashoka,, and Samasource, Sarah discovered the Open Master's while looking to better integrate her passions for the creative arts, activism, and systemic and cultural transformation. Drawn to the Open Master's as a social movement, the challenge of building the Open Master's as an organization piqued her interest. Since 2014, she has worked to better capture and distill the magic of this community, developing our organizational strategy, designing the member experience and materials, and crafting the way we tell our story. 


David Bronstein - Program Facilitator & Peer Coach. David is, in many ways, carrying the heart and soul of the Open Master's, always bringing the spirit of deep, soulful organizing into our work. David builds our community through organizing, retreats, and coaching new members.


Jerome “Axle” Brown - Open Master's Fellow & Coach. Axle had an exciting early career working in the first two Obama presidential campaigns, and then on entrepreneurship and innovation projects with the U.S. Department of Energy. He stumbled upon the Open Master’s Program, and it opened up a whole new world of possibility for him.

After two years of self education in UX design, he turned down job opportunities at the White House and, instead, decided to do an 18-month sabbatical in SE Asia. Now, he is living in Chiang Mai, Thailand and working as an Open Master’s coach, specifically focusing on coaching people that want to take a big break from their current routine and dive into learning full time.

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