Our first-ever 5-day course
for soulful community builders in Europe

July 26 - August 1st

Ytterjärna, Sweden

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What do these times ask of us?

In an era of disruptive social and ecological change—and the resulting disconnection, grief and loss we all feel—what is our role as people creating and nurturing community?

On the collective level…

What does the work we feel called to do need to look like in response to these times?

How do we root our communities in deeper, bolder purpose and in strong webs of connection?

What are unlikely connections to be forged between us, between generations, races and cultures, across class, beyond the people most comfortable and privileged to be able to show up in a room like this?

Through all of the above, how do the communities we create model and enable the change we wish to see in the world—to shift power in favor of supporting thriving life, within our communities and in the world?

On the personal level…

As community builders, how do we take bold steps to create new visions of community in the world and step more fully into that work—recognizing it as important role, and claiming it as livelihood?

How do we do the work in sustainable, grounded ways—strengthening our personal foundation and practices and growing intergenerational webs of support around us, to be able to show up for the long haul?

How do we align our short-term goals for learning and action with our deepest callings, gifts, and dreams for the world?

Join us to explore all of these questions through the time-weathered methods of popular education and community organizing, and to create resilient, transformative communities together.

Who Will Be There

This course is a first for the Open Master’s in Europe: a focused peer-to-peer training for supporting other alternative, grassroots community builders like ourselves. In particular, the course is designed for:

  • People who currently play a role stewarding community—including community organizers, facilitators and hosts, learning program coordinators, and movement builders.

  • People who have a dream or see a need for organizing community—whether rooted deep in place, journeying together, or coming together around shared purpose and action—but haven't taken the leap yet, and could use the extra push!

The course is being hosted by four experienced community builders who have created many forms of alternative place-based or journey-based learning communities over the last decade—such as Nuns & Nones, HackCville, Citizen Circles, P2PU, and our other projects, below—and are eager to share nuggets and questions from our journey with you. We are:

** People of all generations, genders, races, orientations, ethnicities, means, and abilities are welcome. If you’re not sure if this is for you, or if you can be fully welcomed as you are, please reach out to us. **

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What We’ll Be Doing



In order to care for ourselves as whole humans on a journey, with wisdom and questions, we will be:

  • Sharing and practicing tools for caring for your own learning in radically human, decolonized ways:
    - The Wayfinder Mandala
    - The Four Seasons of Learning
    - Peer Coaching and Peer Learning Challenges
    - Clearness Committees

  • Holding time for personal discernment around your deeper calling. Making plans to connect your short-term goals to that calling in the coming season.

  • Looking at what it means to claim the work of community building as a role in the world—or even, for some of us, a livelihood. Relatedly, working with our relationship to money, barriers, or limiting beliefs that get in the way.

  • Beginning each day with an invitation to movement, meditation, and other grounding practices.

  • Letting ourselves be held and guided by nature in all of our questions.

And, collectively…

Starting from our own experience, and the history of small, self-organized communities in movements, we will get into the nuts and bolts of creating communities that can fuel transformation in ourselves and in the world by:

  • Exploring what it means to be a soulful, emergent community builder that invites spirit, wonder, mystery, nature, body, and ritual into community. Fully embodying this role.

  • Finding shared connections in who our work is for, and what visions of change of we have.

  • Working with power, privilege, and money in community, specifically through a lens of economic and racial justice.

  • Creating peer skill-sharing space for other tools and methods we can offer each other.

And of course, we’ll also be cooking, singing, dancing, and creating rejuvinatize, playful “exhale” space together!

The Structure of the Week

Opening the Day and Grounding

  • 7-8am - Optional Morning Practice: yoga, dance, singing, mindful walking, meditation

  • 8-9am - Breakfast

  • 9-9:30am - Opening and preparing for the day together with creative harvests of the day before, singing, or theater.

Morning Praxis Space
Common Purpose and Tools for Collective Action

  • 9:30-10:30am - First Morning Session

  • 10:30-11:00am - Fika

  • 11:00-12:30am - Second Morning Session

Nourish and Rest

  • 12:30-1:30pm - Lunch

  • 1:30-3:00pm - Rest

Afternoon Praxis Space
Caring For Yourself and Your Journey

  • 3:00-4:00pm - First Afternoon Session

  • 4:00-4:30pm - Fika

  • 4:30-6:00pm - Second Afternoon Session

Winding Down and Exhale

  • 6:00-7:00pm - Rest or Community Cooking

  • 7:00-8:00pm - Dinner

  • 8:00pm - emergent soulful evenings, solo reflection, bonding time, or rest!

Sleep and Repeat!

This will be a co-created space, with containers and grounding teaching offering by the organizers for the first day and a half, as well as the closing, with a common rhythm in between with many invitations to contribute, host your own wisdom, teaching, sharing, or practice facilitation, as well as to offer morning practices, evening activities, and to help cook and clean up one meal during the week.

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Place & Time

Our learning community will be hosted by the land and community of Ytterjärna, Sweden, itself the result of an inspired community-building project in the 1960’s, and still the home to alternative learning communities like the Youth Initiative Program, whose facilities we will be sleeping, working, and playing in together.

  • The program will begin on the 26th of July over dinner at 6pm. Please arrive between 2:00 - 5:00pm to check in, find your room in Tellevana (our living space for the week), and say hello to new and old friends.

  • We will have five full days of learning and praxis together, with a closing ceremony on the morning of August 1st. We will end with lunch on the 1st of August by 1:30pm.

  • There will also be a welcome call organized two weeks before the gathering, and an integration and reflection call one month after the gathering, and other ongoing peer support as desired.


Learning Materials

We will also have Wayfinder Kits on hand for purchase, as these may be very useful during as well as after our time together.

We will also be sharing the open-source Emergent Learning Playbook with all participants as an ongoing reference for all of the practices and tools we explore together.


You have two options for payment. Please choose according to your situation and interest.

All payment includes the five-day training, shared accommodation, and cost of meals—we will have lunches prepared, and will each share and take turns in the preparation of evening meals.

You will be responsible for booking and paying for your own travel to and from Ytterjärna, Sweden.

  1. Traditional pricing

    Register and pay the full price ahead of time of €1,200 (plus taxes, added later; invoices can be prepared by request).

    If you are of sufficient means, we greatly appreciate gifts of your own price plus one or one-half of another participant’s price, to help us extend a broader invitation and make the program accessible to a diversity of people across age, race, and class.

  2. Shared economy

    Shared economy is a system that allows participants to self-determine how much they pay and partake in the budget responsibility of the program. This happens in a facilitated conversation together at the end of the gathering—a great practice for all of us in discussing money openly in community.

    This option asks participants to make an initial payment of €700 (plus tax) that covers only the minimum essential costs of housing, food, and facilitator travel.

    At the event, the community will be invited to contribute on top of that initial payment to meet the financial hopes of the team. This choice is up to individuals, based on their financial context, information on the event budget, and their experience of the training.

Your Commitment

Signing up for this course is a commitment to yourself to take the work you do, and the role you play in community, seriously. It’s an investment in supporting yourself to do it sustainably and joyfully, and therefore to be able to offer more to others and toward the change you wish to see in the world.

If you believe the voice inside you that led you to this work in the first place—the voice that tells you that this work is the secretly the glue that holds it all together, the voice whose call you could not ignore when you first began this journey—then invest in this path like you would in any other path, career, or skill in life that you want to take seriously, and that you want others to take seriously.

Our Commitment

We promise this will help you feel clearer and more grounded in the value you have to offer, and go back feeling more skilled, supported, and connected—inside and out.

We will offer you your money back if you do not agree by the end.

Limited Financial Support is Available

We have a small scholarship fund to support reduced rates or travel for a limited number of participants. If cost is a barrier, please apply anyway, and we will work with you if we are able!


Ready to Join?

Full out the short signup form to register by July 6th!

Registration closed!