It’s not a real master’s degree. It’s better.

The Open Master's journey helps us navigate is a universal quest, a line of query that touches the soul: understanding what you want to do (really who you hope to become), how and why you want to do it, and who you want to do it with—and then doing it.

The Mundekulla Retreat Center in the South of Sweden

The Mundekulla Retreat Center in the South of Sweden

Your Open Master's journey will be designed by yourself but shared by a small, intimate group of peers who you will meet at Mundekulla, a beautiful eco-village in the South of Sweden.

Your journey may be based on any topic or question that makes you come alive, and can take many different forms. You will use it to tie together the many different things you want to do or are already doing to learn—reading, courses, volunteering, travel, service, research projects, sabbaticals, apprenticeships, mentoring relationships, and more.

The Open Master's is merely a container, a method, and a community to help you hold it all together, as well as hold it in common with many others who have gone before you.

The Experience

Structure to organize your learning

The Open Master's NORDIC Beginnings Week is a lightly-guided and heavily co-created group learning adventure that will give you all of the structure and support you need to fully design and launch your Open Master's journey.

You will be challenged to reflect deeply on what you want to learn, how you learn best, what your biggest guiding questions or dreams are and how you want to make these come to life.

Through individual challenges, peer mentoring, and simply by holding each other accountable, our ultimate goal is to develop strong habits and practices for a lifetime of community-supported, self-directed learning, well beyond our Open Master's journeys.


Support to inspire and motivate


Learning Pods. The Week is structured to give you a flying start in your own Open Master's. Next to that we invite you to join other learners and create your own Open Master's group that can support each other in their learning and help hold each other accountable.

Learning Buddies. You will work more closely with a partner for deeper reflection and practice peer to peer mentoring and coaching through life's biggest questions.

More Details. We are working hard to provide you with more details of the programme. If you have any questions go to apply now and fill in the form. We get back to you as soon as possible.

23rd till 29th of April

Cost: 7600SK/€775/£680 This includes the Open Master's Nordic Beginnings Week from 23rd till 29th of April, lodging and food. And also your own Wayfinder Kit and Open Master's Workbook.  If cost is a barrier, apply anyway, and we'll do everything we can to work with you to make it possible for you to join. Different rates apply for private rooms, see also: [more info follows]

Mundekulla: Your stay at Mundekulla is always including free access to: Sanctuary (strawbale chapel) // Lookout platform on the tower // Reflection labyrinth and forest paths // Parking spaces // Wifi

Join with a buddy or small group: You are encouraged to sign up together with a friend or small group for greater accountability and support after the week. As a bonus, your group will also get a Wayfinder facilitators deck to support you in hosting your own meetings.

Application: The group size is limited by application so that we have the opportunity to really get to know each other. Applications are rolling. The application includes three short questions that should take you less than 15 minutes to complete. We will follow up with you soon for a short interview to answer any questions you may have.

Ready to make progress on what matters most in life, and to walk away with tools to build structure and supportive community around your most important learning goals?

Apply now!

Most people who are considering doing an Open Master's are choosing between a range of options for how best to continue their learning, including other informal programs and formal programs. 

They are often already engaged in self-directed learning of some kind, and are hoping to give their self-directed studies more structure, community, and credibility. People who are ready to start an Open Master's often say that they:

Feel a deep shift or question emerging

Maybe you can't quite name it yet, but you feel that a big change is brewing—maybe you are hungry to turn a side project into your next career, or maybe you are finally admitting that the thing you spend your nights and weekends dreaming about is more than an interest.

Aren't sure about grad school

You see a clear destination for yourself, but, for a variety of reasons, you are not sure you'll get what you're looking for from conventional school. You care about learning, having learning community, and making your learning credible, but are not sure you need the piece of paper (or the debt).

Work in the intersections

You are pointing yourself towards emerging fields, or the intersections between fields (such as buddhism and neuroscience, or art and big data), and haven't found a graduate program that would serve your needs.

Want a "third space"

You generally want to bring more intention, reflection, and sense of direction into your life, and more specifically, doing that by holding intimate space with others dedicated to supporting each other's growth.  

Doing an Open Master's isn't for everyone.

Completing a self-directed master's means going outside of the box in a big way; you aren't relying on curriculum being designed for you and community being curated for you, and that is a formidable challenge. It takes patience, creativity, self-discipline, and a heavy dose of courage.

But for those who complete an Open Master's, it is often one of the most transformative learning experiences they have ever had. It asks you to get to the bottom of some of the biggest questions we get to ask as humans. It asks you to be the creator of your own experience. 

It also open doors. Completing an Open Master's shows that you are self-directed, can take initiative, and that you can take ownership of where your life is going. It is an excellent way to lay claim to the skills, knowledge, and person you are becoming through your learning. Employers have told us it even stands out on a resume more than a conventional master's degree; it takes guts and ingenuity to do this.