The Wayfinder Mandala

If you are at the beginning of a new learning journey, or just looking for an opportunity to zoom out and see the big picture of your life and what's calling to you, we would like to offer the Wayfinder Mandala as a gift from the Open Master's to help you get started.

Do you feel like you’re interested in too many things and struggle with knowing where to focus?  

Do you wish you had more spacious time to take inventory of what you have already learned, what you want to learn, and prioritize that which is most important to you?

If the answer to either of those is yes, this activity is for you.

Find 90 minutes, a large sheet of paper, some colorful pens and markers, and a quiet space.

(Download full-quality .wav file, for classrooms, sound systems, etc.)


About the Activity

We created this tool in order to meet our own needs as a community of learners and organizers. We've found it to be one of the simplest, most powerful tools for getting a bird's eye perspective and discerning what is calling you most strongly and deeply.

We use in our communities and in schools around the world as a more human, holistic starting point for those who want to design their own self-directed learning plans.

Teachers & Facilitators: we recommend preparing for offering the Wayfinder Mandala to others by listening through the audio recording a few times, taking notes with what resonates with you, and making it your own.


Want More?

The Wayfinder Mandala is designed to be the start of a journey. For more tools, activities, and reflections order a Wayfinder Kit or learn about other ways to bring us to your community to share the Mandala or many more of our favorite activities in person.