“Your mission in life is to find the intersection between your heart’s deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger.”
— Frederick Buechner

It’s not a real master’s degree. It’s better.

The Open Master's journey helps us navigate is a universal quest, a line of query that touches the soul: understanding what you want to do (really who you hope to become), how and why you want to do it, and who you want to do it with—and then doing it.

Your Open Master's journey will be designed by yourself but shared by a small, intimate group of peers. You can join a guided group of peers organized by us, or you can organize your own.

Your journey may be based on any topic or question that makes you come alive, and can take many different forms. You will use it to tie together the many different things you want to do or are already doing to learn—reading, courses, volunteering, travel, service, research projects, sabbaticals, apprenticeships, mentoring relationships, and more.

The Open Master's is merely a container, a method, and a community to help you hold it all together, as well as hold it in common with many others who have gone before you.

Learn more about the shape of the Journey with our Mini Handbook:

The Why: Begin with Radical Pause

Every Open Master's journey begins with slowing down.

We all face decision points and wonder what would be the best way to clarify and move forward on our goals. Is it going to grad school? Switching careers? Traveling? Most importantly, how do we make wise choices about what's next that are grounded in who we are?

That's why, when you start an Open Master's journey, we encourage you to do something radical: press pause. Set a date by which you won't make any kind of decisions and just let all of the life you've already lived catch up with you. In a supportive community of peers, ask yourself the questions that really matter to let you reconnect with your why in a more grounded and confident way.

We take one step back to take ten steps forward, to align our short-term learning goals with our long-term hopes, dreams, and ambitions—about who we are and how we want to serve the world with this one precious life.


Let Us Help You Start to Unpack Your Why

If you think an Open Master's might be for you, we recommend starting with intentionally stepping back to get the birds-eye view and see how it might fit into the bigger picture of where you've been and where you're going.

Get started with a free four-week course by email to help you start to unpack your why.


The How: Ready to Go?

When you are ready to start making plans and connecting with others you're ready to formally join the community and get some extra help designing and launching your Open Master's. It only takes you and a few friends—meeting regularly over coffee, dinner, in your office, or Skype—and a sincere commitment to each other's learning and evolution.

When you and your friends are ready to join, simply let us know and you'll:

  • Be invited to join a small orientation group with other new peers getting started at the same time
  • Have access to a rich library of resources for plotting our your steps from start to finish
  • Join our Facebook Group and be added to our Community page (with your permission)

We ask for you to choose a contribution to the community as you get started (up to you), but there is no fixed cost to join. Though you also receive additional one-on-one coaching or other resources to help get started.


Your Celebration

Throughout your Journey, the Open Master's community will invite you to share your learning with your peers in creative ways that help you mark how you have changed.

When you reach the end of your Open Master's journey, if you are like most of us, you will only feel like you want your learning to continue, you will have internalized a new way of being, a practice of self-directed learning that will nourish and enrich your life and others for the rest of your life.

But all of us begin with some goal in mind when we start our Open Master's— ... 



Joining the Global Community

When you join the Open Master's, you are joining a global community of peers... 



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Pathway to Organizer

Every Open Master's member is part of a small learning community of their own. However, members who are eager to help organize experiences and local community around them are invited to dive into deeper learning through our global organizer learning community through our Organizer School. Find out how.