“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.
Live the life you have imagined.”
— Thoreau

Connect your short-term learning with your heart’s deepest longings.


We believe:

That learning is the human spirit in process, growing and alive. 

That learning is free, natural, accessible, unavoidable—inalienable to our humanity. 

That learning is boundless; it knows no age, no walls. It cannot be contained or detained.

That learning is communal, building from the bricks of other people's learning, carried into being through relationships, and given again back to the commons. 

That learning is not consumed or produced, it is regenerated, borrowed, given, grown from soils and souls in the rhythms and cycles of life and death. 

That learning isn't linear but circular, seasonal, four-dimensional.

That learning is part of our spiritual connection to the world around us and to our inner selves—our spirit moving us into who we are becoming and where we are going, illuminating each stone on our path.

That learning is not here for compliance or uniformity, which dulls people's inner light, or outright snuffs it out, but to animate their spirit ever brighter. 

That learning is not here to serve the powerful and comfortable at the expense of the exploited and vulnerable. It is not only for the privileged few, nor to transmit only what's valuable to and authorized by those in power.

That learning is not here to train employees, but unlock people's minds as open, free thinking, sharpened tools of discernment, discovery, and mastery.

That learning is not here to create soldiers and consumers, but engaged citizens, individuals, artists of their own life. Learning is one of the most basic human impulses, not a business for profit.

And, the deeper we go, we believe that learning is not here to separate us, but to show us the web.

It's not here to divide us from each other or the natural world, sorting us into disciplines and parties, and distancing us into unnatural or one-dimensional silos and fixed echo-chambers—but instead to liberate us from imaginary constraints created in our own minds and to allow us to (re)discover our humanity and unity.