From forward-looking theologians on the margins, to the long-standing institutions who are building (and searching for) new models, to people who want a world with spiritually-grounded leaders―the future of theological education needs all of us.

You can help us connect the dots.

  1. Support our storytelling efforts, helping us both share our learnings and contribute to the conversation at large. Sponsor our Medium page, our end-of-year publication, or a public event in your area around a theme we're exploring.
  2. Sponsor current and future Alt*Div leaders by funding scholarships, travel support, and emergency support for basic needs, to offer this experience to all―regardless of means.
  3. Help us map the broader landscape of alternative theological education. Connect us with like-minded residences, trainings, or apprenticeships.
  4. Offer your support and mentorship to the group through a guest seminar, one-on-one time, or by sharing resources from syllabi to poetry.