Meet the Alt*Div crew of '16-17

Our inaugural group are already powerful as soulful community builders in their respective communities—whether through movement, improv, music, counseling, learning, or more.

Stephanie Ryan Johnstone

Composer, Sex Educator,
Queer Rights Lover-Fighter

Adam Horowitz

Chief Instigator, U.S. Department of Arts and Culture

Ashleigh Shepherd

Movement teacher, exploring what it means to be human through dance, yoga, and play. Student of children.

David Bronstein

Cultural healer through music and counseling. David's Open Master's Learning Plan.

Cole Parke

Tender-hearted organizer, activist, dreamer, and schemer, fighting for collective liberation and revolutionary grace.

Brittany Koteles

Soulful improviser & script-flipper, dabbling filmmaker, writer, host.

David Sievers

Exploring existential dread by way of climate activism, cycling, and dad jokes. 

Mildred Williams

Carrying forward the hopes and struggles of her ancestors.

Lily Padilla

Learner, Writer, Healer, Organizer.

Devin Karbowicz

Social psychologist turned community builder using art and play to connect strangers in novel ways.

Neha Misra

Artist, Poet, Social Entrepreneur connecting dots across inner and outer geographies. 

Marien Baerveldt

Social entrepreneur, learner, facilitator in meaning making and way finding, gardener. More.

Alan Webb

Co-founder and steward of the Open Master’s Community. More.

Mojdeh Rezaeipour

Artist, Writer, Storyteller. Instigator of Creative Communities. More.

Priya Parrotta

Writer, Singer, Lifelong Learner. More.

Veena Vasista

Scribe, Storyteller, Bridge, Mirror. Co-Creating Love, Beauty and Play.

Ruth Moir

Community Creator, Questioner, Kindness champion, Learner, Deep Listener & Belly Laugher. 

Riley Teahan

Designer, Director, and Producer, interested in the tactile and the ephemeral.

Sarah Jane Bradley

Co-founder, creative director, and steward of the Open Master's. Plays with design, words, songs, cities.


Thinking of joining?

If you're building a world in which:

"Community ministry" can look like many things...
The thread that seems to run through everything you do is a quest for human connection and belonging. You have worked hard to create ways for this to happen, and you are yearning to find ways to support your own learning and growth on this journey. Perhaps you have thought about actually going to divinity school, formal ministry, or counseling, but you are not sure these are the right paths for you.

Spiritual pluralism is a core value...
Many don't identify with just one spiritual home. Whether raised in multiple faiths, distanced from their own tradition, or drawn to the cracks between affiliations; alt*divvers view such non-traditional identities as a strength, not an add-on.

Pursuit of justice = spiritual leadership...
We live in a world built on intersecting systems of oppression. In order to build cultures of courage, care, and wholeness, we must see the direct relationship between spiritual formation and the pursuit of justice.

Practical learning is in the books and on the ground...
There are artists, entrepreneurs, and movement builders who are already doing work in the world. They are seeking to integrate that work fully into their learning journey, instead of adding isolated "coursework" on top.

...then Alt*Div might be for you.